Why Do Consumers Seek Out Massage?

Massage has a long list of obvious health benefits such as relaxation, lowered blood pressure, pain relief, mood improvement, stress and depression reduction and increasing the feeling of wellbeing.

But why do consumers seek out massage?

Reserchers  from the Southern Institute of Technology in New Zealand recently asked a group of people who used remedial massage, sports massage & relaxation massage, to share their opinions on why they use and value their massage treatments. The results of this study were published in PubMed and reported in the Complementary Therapies in Medicine journal.

The researchers reported the following  “Massage therapy is perceived and valued as a personalized, holistic and hands-on approach to health management, which focuses on enhancing relaxation in conjunction with effective touch, within a positive client-therapist relationship and a pleasant, non-rushed environment.”

If you are interested in finding more research about the benefits of massage the Massage Mag website is a good place to start.


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