Vegetable, Miso & Tahini Soup

Miso & Tahini Soup

This soup is highly nutritious, and is great during cold weather or to convalesce after illness. It is high in calcium, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber and is a source of complete protein.   

Mix of seasonal vegetables for e.g.:
1/3 butternut pumpkin
2 carrots
1 medium sweet potatoe
1 large onion (chopped)
1 corn cob (remove corn from the cob and add it to soup)
1 cup brown rice

Cook the above in enough filtered water to cover until almost cooked, cut the vegetables quite large so that they do not overcook while the rice cooks.

Once the rice is nearly cooked add the following chopped vegetables :

1/3 cauliflower
1 medium sized broccoli
brussel sprouts
runner or broad beans

In a bowl, mix together 1 heaped dessertspoon of MISO (you may need more of the lighter coloured varieties and less of the dark variety, change amount to taste) and 1 heaped dessertspoon of unhulled TAHINI.  Mix with the juice of 1 lemon and enough hot water from the soup to make a smooth paste.  Set aside. 

Once vegetables are cooked to your liking take off heat.  Dish up soup into bowls. Flavour with the miso and tahini mixture directly into the bowls (do not heat), adding more or less for individual taste.  

Garnish with 1 teaspoon flax seed oil, a handful of raw almonds and cashews, pepper to taste.  

All ingredients are preferably organic 



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