Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage can incorporate a variety of massage techniques depending on the needs of the patient.  We have a specially designed pregnancy mat that allows the women to comfortably lie face down.

What are the benefits of Pregnancy Massage?

  • Treat any areas of pain or tightness in the back, neck, pelvis & shoulders.
  • Treat specific conditions such as pelvic instability (remedial massage).
  • Encourages a state of relaxation & wellbeing in both mother and baby (relaxation massage).
  • Stimulate circulation & lymphatic flow, discouraging the development of stretch marks and varicose veins.
  • Loosen the muscles of the pelvis & lower back in preperation for labour.
  • Help to bring on labour in women who are past their due date (by using deep pressure on Trigger Points usually avoided while pregnant).

Anthony has extensive experience in treating pregnant women.  He understands the areas of the body and essential oils to make pregnancy massage safe for both mum & bub.

Always let us know you are pregnant at the time of booking, and the type of result you want to achieve (ie: pain relief, relaxation or labour induction).

Always tell us before  the treatment if you:

  • Have a medical condition, or are currently receiving treatment from another practitioner.
  • Taking prescribed medication.
  • Have a recent injury.
  • Have allergies – especially skin related allergies.
  • Have broken skin or sores.